Danielle Mansutti

Danielle Mansutti


Danielle Mansuttihttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyyiTyhrCt8



While conducting my early searches I was fully convinced this was Bryce and Paige. My kid was watching this and watched as much of Danielle Mansutti as possible. I was going to join her fan club. When I was in LA the first time she was on her way there as well. Oh, you guys were going to mess with me with her…that would have been good if I didn’t leave town.

When I found out it wasn’t her I did something I’m never supposed to do and that was to erase from my notes. I was so embarrassed but I could not erase all the pictures because of my rule. I leave things no matter how bad so I can trace my steps and sometimes I’m right even when I’m wrong like here. Bryce and Paige’s clones as remarkably beautiful here as they are here.

Danielle is in the beauty industry and entertainment as well. Her videos are a delight. I thought Paige and Bryce were pretending not to be ┬ásisters but I believe these two are just friends. It’s like an alternative universe.

I fell in love with you and your clone! and so with Paige too!

I did feel betrayed and jealous though to see you with your hunk of a man and your child.

I’m watching the video and these girls are just so beautiful!! They didn’t know you have to add sugar to basic kook-aid…very funny!

Margaery Tyrell aka Natalie Dormer

Unbelievable, exact match as Dormer. So exquisite!! These girls are just spectacular!! You know the possibility always exists that we don’t know who is cloned off of whom. Or if our girls are not cloned off someone else.

Danielle is real Bryce like when she eats the Reese’s Crunchy candy. I’m guessing they build up Danielle’s cheeks and chin maybe nose a bit.

The other girl is Maddie, just caught her name.

These two make me crazy as I watch them, so similar, and the deeper I get the closer to the girls they are.

I’m truly grateful I rarely get old and boring. Something new is always coming down the pike.

I guess I would check out more of the candy vids for more clones. Perhaps some films done down under. I suspected clones were being used so an actor could be at two places at once. I don’t really know what went on with the radio interview with Elvis Duran of Ron for his film Inferno. It sounded like him but not him and I wondered if it was taped or a clone was used.

From: Pretty Ugly Little Liars

Someone shoot me now! Can you believe this?!! Still not the same woman…mostly!

I sat on these cause I didn’t know what I had.

I have an appointment back on the planet Earth and I hope by then whatever I hope I took to explain this will wash out. Later gators!

Talk about confused emotions. I cannot take opening up to this page and seeing Danielle in that first photo.

JUly 29 2017

I usually don’t add to an already posted post but I can’t help it. The photos of Danielle are the most difficult of any of the photos. She also apparently connected with me when I connected with her. Very difficult and the video with her friend Maddy aka Paige does not help at all.