Kate Moss celebrates the return of Teddies

Kate Moss returns from Europe to find all Teddies have been returned to rightful owners.

Yesterday Kate Moss returned home from Europe to find out Teddies were back. She prepared to put on the Teddy after she selected something tasteful to wear under it.

Much to her excitement she discovered that it was the Teddy Bears that were back and not the lace Teddies as she first thought.

She and her bear hugged and caught up on old times. They then engaged in a photo shoot that could only be described as joyous.

A while later she put on her lace Teddy and caught up with her husband in a moment that could also only be described as joyous. Sadly, no photos of that were permitted.

The Moment Odysseus Knew…

For General Audiences:

May be inappropriate for children (Contains nudity of mermaids)


Warning!! Contains Soggy Bottoms








https://bcc-cuny.digication.com/rjlanors/The_Seductive_Voices_of_Sirens    “Sirens get to control and do whatever they want with you.”



She is the sweetest girlie…

She’s Got the Money, Too

I’m just as fond of beauty, as anyone can be,
For them rosy cheeks and pearly teeth, I dearly love to see.
For I know one that has them, except me and you,
Lord, she is the sweetest girly and she’s got the money, too.

 Now, won’t I love my honey (Lord, yes)
And won’t I spend her money, (Ain’t I mean?)
I’m as happy as a flower that sips the fallen dew,
For I know a little girly and she’s got the money, too.

She takes me out a’ridin’ whenever she comes down,
She owns the finest Cadillac and Buick in the town.
She told me that she loves me, oh listen, wouldn’t you?
Oh, she is the sweetest girly and she’s got the money, too.

I asked her a question, if she would be my bride.
She said, “You are the sweetest boy that ever lived or done.”
I told her that I meaned it, she said she did too.
She is the sweetest girly and she’s got the money, too.

Bryce’s Dad: Ron Howard

Here’s Bryce’s Dad Ron Howard as he currently appears (with 10 layers of heavy make-up).

Here’s Ron when he was a child actor

Bryce’s father, great director and actor: Ronald William Howard

Little known fact about Ron… he would steal clothing from other actors while they were on the set and have his Aunt Bee make new clothes for him. In this picture he displays the handsome jacket Bee made for him in between takes of the “Andy Griffith Show” out of the smoking jacket he stole from Boris Karloff’s dressing room! The jacket is now known as the “Haha I stole this from Frankenstein’s Monster” Jacket. Here is Boris Karloff wearing the original smoking jacket before it was purloined and colored with the Periwinkle colored Crayola Crayon.

Basil Rathbone, Boris Karloff, and Donnie Dunagan aka “The Lindbergh Baby”
Boris Karloff and Donnie Dunagan in Son of Frankenstein meets Charles Lindbergh, Jr.
Donnie Dunagan as “The Lindbergh Baby”
Donnie Dunagan in a photo taken at Monsterpalooza in 2015 alive and well. He is well known and well regarded for enjoying spending time with hotties.

I have tried repeatedly to collect the reward for finding “The Lindbergh Baby” alive and well, alas to no avail. With interest the reward would total about 50 Billion Zimbabwean Dollars, maybe more!

Quiz of the Day: Operation ‘Dinner Out’

What is Operation ‘Dinner Out’ and how does it relate to this young man? Answer will appear on the same day Rocky Horror Live shows up at Universal Studios Florida.(Just kidding…that’s in 2023!! The answer is below)

Robert Redford in Spy Game

Robert Redford in Pete’s Dragon
Bryce Howard, Robert Redford, and Oona Laurence in Pete’s Dragon
Oakes Fegley as Pete with his Dragon in Pete’s Dragon also starring Operation Dinner Out Redford!…everyone should have one! (A dragon that is!)
Shhh! (Isn’t this perfect!!!!!!!)